Run Of The Mill Problems Students Face During Higher Education

Run Of The Mill Problems Students Face During Higher Education
By on March 13th, 2019 in Education


Many young and aspiring minds seek a professional form of learning that can accentuate their skills and enable to create a bright and prosperous opportunity in the later parts of their lives. Being on the receiving end of higher forms of education should always be considered as a privilege, however, the attainment of professional qualifications is not an easy task. The pathway to success is rigged with a lot of challenges and troubles which students are expected to overcome using their dexterity and empowering themselves with an unwavering will to achieve academic success. Having said that, here in this post we would like to share with you some common problems which many students face in this current era. So without any further a due let’s take a glimpse at what complications students face while applying for a professional degree at a reputable higher education institution.

Linguistic Handicaps

One of the biggest challenges for foreign students especially is when they travel to a new place, country, where they face considerable challenges due to language barriers. Consider the UK where every year hundreds and thousands of students apply for professional qualifications. Foreign students entering into colleges and universities of this grand nation often have English as a second language, which makes their learning years even more difficult. Since they do not have fluency within their speech and writing when it comes to communicating with others using English, even doing mundane and the simplest of tasks becomes a considerable hindrance. For example asking for directions, eating at a restaurant, sparking a conversation with someone you want to get familiar with, it all makes it even more problematic. Especially when a written task is allocated to them, things can get even more out of control. Since they are required to present well-written compositions to the academia, and this is where they simply crumble under the pressures of performing well so as to achieve desired grades.

Financial Constraints

Another set of troubles which is shared by the majority of those comprising the student body are limited budgets and monetary restrictions. Most of the students spend the entirety of their savings on paying tuition fees at the institutions where they are currently pursuing their higher qualification. This leaves them with a very limited budget to spend on the rest of their expenses which includes paying rent, traveling cost, the expense for food, utilities (including electricity, gas, water), and various other nominal charges which happen to occur out of nowhere. This leaves them in a pressure cooker situation where they must do something about their expenses or their livability comes directly under attack. To find some peace of mind, many students opt for part-time jobs, shifts, and running odd errands for others to earn extra cash. Though this does help them pay off much of their additional expenses, nevertheless, working and learning at the same time can prove to be quite taxing on the nerves of young and aspiring minds, which makes them too fatigued and lethargic to devote their efforts to studies when the time comes to put in extra sweat into achieving goals and objectives.

Insufficient Time

Higher education can be a roller coaster ride with lots of twists and turns in the middle. With students opting for multiple courses in a single semester, chances are that during the early part of their studies, they realize how challenging it is to keep up with the requirements for each subject they have opted for. Not only do they need time to revise the concepts they have learned in class, but they also require sufficient time to make themselves prepared for any surprise or unannounced quizzes or tests which their course instructor or mentor could ask them to perform during their next classroom session out of the blue. However, things can get especially challenging when pending work starts piling up on top of one another. Written tasks, projects, presentations, and writing reports can all make things even worse since each of these tasks requires the student to give their undivided attention in order to perform at the best of their capabilities. However, students are unable to devote themselves completely to one task and this lack of commitment often results in a poor performance which shows clearly on their results and grades allotted by their teachers and professors.

Concerns Regarding Mental Health

Over the past couple of years, research and investigations conducted by reputable establishments in the education industry have shown that the mental health of students is a serious concern and if not supervised can result in severe consequences. Studies reveal that many students nowadays have more tendencies toward suicide then those in the past, furthermore the depleting mental health condition amongst higher education students is a serious issue which needs further resolutions within the education industry. In the UK effective measures have been taken to help students diagnose their symptoms and apply for professional caretaking. In all universities across the nation, grants are allocated to those students who suffer from a mental disease. Students can also apply online using the NHS website for further evaluation and consultation. There are many organizations that are working actively to combat this pressing issue which has become prominent during recent years. Further programs and developments are being made to offer students with mental health concerns to receive more personalized support that caters to their specific needs and requirements for their treatment.

Declining Physical Fitness

There is a strong body of evidence which supports the claim that many higher education students often find themselves in a condition where their physical health and well-being deteriorates with time. This is due to the fact that the majority of them undergo a lot of pressure from their studies and this results in poor diet and overall fitness. Sugary snacks, junk items, fast food, and other forms of unhealthy food intake can result in serious health concerns such as diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular diseases if such behavior is not controlled. Furthermore, lack of physical exercise or indulgence in some sort of sports can also result in their bodies becoming weak and deprived of energy throughout the day. As a precaution student must ensure that they have a healthy diet plan which they follow that includes maximum intake of organic food items that are rich in Vitamin B, Iron, and other nutrients. This will make sure that their bodies do not become susceptible to malnutrition. On the other hand, students must allow themselves to make healthy lifestyle choices, like walking to nearby places, jogging or running to keep themselves fit, or actively participating in some sort of physical exercise or sports on a regular basis. This will keep them fresh, improve their brain power, and keep their bodies detoxified.

Disorganized Daily life

Since they are busy most of the time, many students seldom have time on their hands to cater to their needs and create a suitable environment for themselves to study. All this rushing leaves them in a place where most of their things and belongings are disorganized, including their clothes, books, writing materials, footwear, and the list goes on. All of this clutter and unorganized living style creates problems for them during their current time as a student as well, and if such practices are continued then these issues can also travel with them to their professional careers. Hence we strongly recommend that whenever a student has time on their hands, they should tidy up their living space. Keep their books, reading material, and writing utensils as well as other study items in a neatly organized manner. Same goes with their other belongings such as clothes, footwear, electronic appliances, and other gadgets. This will help improve their surrounding and this will create a positive impact on them which increases creativity and enhances their learning prowess as well.

Moving to a New Place

One of the biggest concern for many students is when they have to leave their homes, family, friends, and loved ones behind to pursue higher education from a reputable university. This sudden change does take some time to adapt to. Students enter into a completely new environment where they must come face to face with a new set of ethos and cultural diversity. Such a big change is not easy for many of us to handle. However, those who have an unyielding desire to attain their academic goals and objectives do not cower in front of adversity. They accept the challenges head-on and show everyone what they are made out off.

We hope this post was able to provide you with a better understanding regarding the types of troubles students commonly face during their higher education years. However, if you are a student who seeks exceptional law essay writing service to cater to their needs and requirements, then reliable and dependable services are available that can offer you professional and specialized assistance for your subjects and topics at affordable charges. All you have to do is simply tell qualified and experienced writers your guidelines and instructions and they will provide you with a remarkable quality of work on time.

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